Power Supply Filter Respirator Related

GM-G01-Z002 waist belt

●Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear with strap and belt.

GM-D03 filter element

●Most of them are used with open masks, and the combination is open PAPR.

Breathing catheter GM-G02-Z001

SFG02 is used in combination with an open face mask.
●The unstretched length of the breathing tube is 0.55m, and the length can be automatically adjusted with body movements, and the maximum stretched length is 1m.

Open type mask (shawl type) GM-H02

The SF02 mask is made of ρp non-woven flexible material, and the inner layer is attached with a film, which is specially used to prevent excessive paint spraying and helps prevent paint from contacting the skin or clothes.
●The inner headband of the SF02 mask can be selected in different sizes and adjustments to make the wearer feel more comfortable.
●The visor of the SF02 mask is made of P°C material. With the reduction of bending, reflection and flash, plus more shipping packaging protection, the potential risk of visor folding and twisting is minimized.
●The design of the hood is closer to the contour of the wearer's head, allowing the wearer to move more freely.

Open type mask GM-H01

SF01 provides head and face coverage—protection against liquid splashes and low energy impacts. Suitable for applications where frequent replacement of the entire mask is required (such as pharmaceutical factories), or where there is less contamination of the outer fabric.
●Easy maintenance

Electric Blower GM-G02 170+

●Used together with an open mask, it is a respiratory protection system that is easy to use and has multiple functions in the environment of particle pollution.
●Automatic air flow control, three levels of adjustable air volume (170L/min, 190L/min, 210L/min).
●Thin and light lithium battery is fast, charging and has no memory effect, the charging time of the battery is less than 4 hours, and the continuous operation is 6 hours.
●Low battery, low flow sound and light alarm.
●LCD screen display, easy to operate, clear icon positioning.
●Accessories and options are suitable for different applications and environmental requirements.

Powered Air Purifying Respirator GM-G02 170+ Series

●GM-G02 170+ series powered air-supply filter respirator is a respiratory protection system that provides micro-overpressure inside the mask through electric air supply to protect the respiratory tract. The electric air supply host worn on the belt sends the clean air filtered by the filter into the mask through the hose, forming a slight positive pressure inside the mask, effectively preventing various particles, toxic and harmful gases and steam from entering the mask. Through the adjustment of the three-speed wind speed, the comfort is improved, the breathing resistance is reduced and eliminated, and the user can breathe clean air safely and comfortably, so that you can freely go where you want to go!

GM-G01-Z002 waist belt

●Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear with strap and belt.

GM-D02 filter element

●Most of them are used with full-face masks, and the combination is tight-fitting PAPR.
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