GM-5 helmet (ABS)

●Material: The shell is made of ABS engineering plastics for safety helmets.
●Features: The hat shape is designed as a classic V-shaped top, which greatly improves the impact resistance directly above; it has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and anti-aging performance; there are slots on both sides for wearing protective masks or other sound insulation equipment, etc. ;The hat lining is a 4-point fabric lining, which can be adjusted by a knob, and the button-type adjustment configuration can be selected.
●Compliance with standards: Meet GB2811-2019, CE EN397: 2012, ANSI Type 1 Class C standards.
●Surface treatment: Logo can be printed on the surface of the cap shell, reflective strips, film, and water transfer printing can be done.


Conventional Helmet Series

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Product Description

●材料: 帽壳采用安全帽专用ABS工程塑料。

●特点: 帽型设计为经典 V 型顶,抗正上方冲击能力极大提高;具有耐腐蚀,抗冲击,和抗老化等性能;两侧设有插槽,可佩戴防护面罩或其它隔音设备等;帽衬为4点式织物内衬,旋钮式调节,可选用按扣式调节配置。

●符合标准: 满足GB2811-2019、CE EN397: 2012、ANSI Type 1 Class C标准。

●表面处理: 帽壳表面可印logo,贴反光条、贴膜,做水转印图案处理。

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