Self-priming filter full face mask 1011-D

●Compliance with standards: Meet GB2811-2019, CE EN397:2012, ANSI Type 1 Class standards.


Self-Priming Filter Type Gas Mask Series

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Product Description

Product use
● It is mainly used for respiratory protection of operators in non-war military operations such as nuclear, biological and chemical emergency rescue, secondary nuclear and chemical disasters, earthquake relief, etc. It is also used for respiratory protection of workers in agriculture, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, building materials, municipal construction and other industries.

Meet the criteria
●BS EN 136:1998 Respiratory protective devices - Full mask - Requirements, tests, marking

Main feature
● The main part is made of high-grade silicone once molding, light texture, comfortable and durable, easy to clean and maintain.

● Headband adopts five-point design of high elastic material, good scalability, strong adhesion, comfortable to wear, easy to adjust.

● Connect the 2 stage filter (tank type), the use of a wider range of places, more safe and effective.

● Exhalation valve cover with unique shutter design, four sides exhaust, less exhalation resistance.

● Large eye window design of perspective mirror, better vision. High performance polycarbonate material, scratch resistant, wide visibility, safer operation.

● The combination of built-in efficient microphone and exhalation valve is more conducive to sound transmission and improve the overall safety of the mask.

● The filter adopts highly efficient chemically impregnated activated carbon and electrostatic electret filter material to effectively absorb more harmful gases, and efficiently filter all kinds of toxic gases and all kinds of non-oily or oily particles. High safety, reliability, easy maintenance, good environmental adaptability, long service life.

● Under the premise of ensuring that the protective performance is better than the standard requirements, the leakage rate of the full cover is reduced to less than 0.05% to ensure that harmful gases can only be inhaled through the filter, so that the filter can maximize the filtration role within the effective protection time, and improve the overall protective performance of the gas mask.

● The respiratory resistance of the mask is better than the standard requirements, ensuring that the user can breathe more smoothly and greatly reduce the labor load.

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●Material: The shell is made of high-impact ABS material. ●Features: The top of the cap is H" shaped, with slots on both sides for wearing a protective mask or other sound-proof equipment, etc.; the cap lining is a 6-point fabric inner village, which can be adjusted by rotation and can be adjusted by snap buttons.

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