71009 Industrial protective glasses

Large size integrated lens, popular design, simple and beautiful
The lens is made of high-performance PC material, which has excellent impact and scratch resistance, effectively prevents liquid splashing, good light transmission, and 99.9% UV protection
●There are 4 ventilation valves on the top and bottom, which have a good ventilation effect and relieve eye fatigue
●Braided elastic headband, adjustable length, suitable for users with different head shapes


Goggles Series

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Product Description

The side louver design, indirect ventilation, comfortable and breathable

Enhanced processing technology to prolong product life

●99.9% UV protection

●The product meets the requirements of GB14886-2006 and EN166

The lens material is high-performance polycarbonate, which has excellent impact resistance

The lens is double-sided anti-fog, clear vision, safe and reliable 

●It can be worn with general myopia glasses

●The product meets the requirements of GB14886-2006 and EN166

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1608-DS electro-acoustic gas mask is a functional gas mask integrating electro-acoustic communication module, intercom module and drinking water module. The gas mask has voice amplification function, wireless communication function and energy supplement function, which can realize clear face-to-face dialogue and wireless communication within a certain range after wearing it, broaden the radius of collaborative operations between personnel, prolong the working time of personnel, and improve work efficiency.


●Material: The shell is made of high-impact ABS material. ●Features: The top of the cap is H" shaped, with slots on both sides for wearing a protective mask or other sound-proof equipment, etc.; the cap lining is a 6-point fabric inner village, which can be adjusted by rotation and can be adjusted by snap buttons.

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●Mainly used for occupational respiratory protection, such as smog, dust particles, blocking viruses, bacteria, mold, etc., suitable for respiratory protection of workers engaged in coal dust, cotton dust, flour dust, epidemic prevention and other industries; also used for Respiratory protection for workers in agriculture, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, building materials, municipal construction and other industries.

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